Audio Chromecast

I’ve been a big fan of Google’s Chromecast since the beginning and when they released their Chromecast Audio product I, of course, had to take a look. We now own three of them, one connected to the audio port on our Sonos Play 5, and two on Bluetooth speakers, each with its own audio port. Using Google’s Home app you can easily create Groups of speakers to cast to. The Sonos environment can now be grouped in with non-Sonos speakers and within Sonos the Play 5 audio port can be grouped with other Sonos speakers, such as the Play 1. And then, of course, we got a Google Home Mini this year so we can now verbally request music to be played to both the Sonos and non-Sonos environment. We subscribe to Google Play Music and a nice feature here is that you can request Google Home to play a particular track and it will automatically put together a playlist of related tracks and carry on indefinitely. A must for music lovers.