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I took @AndrewYNG’s Machine Learning course in the winter of 2015, and I’ve retained a keen interest, since then, in all things ML and AI. I’ve decided to create this post so I have a place to aggregate interesting links to related articles.  Will back fill as I am able.

Nautilus – Why Robot Brains Need Symbols, Dec 6, 2018

AlphaZero: Shedding new light on the grand games of chess, shogi and Go

NYTimes – The Human Brain is a Time Traveler  Nov 15, 2018

The Genius Neuroscientist Who Might Hold The Key to True AI  Nov 13, 2018

Apple and Its Rivals Bet Their Futures on These Men’s Dreams  May 17, 2018

The Downsides to Deep Learning  Feb 2, 2018

Meet the Man Google Hired to Make AI a Reality  Jan 16, 2014