Raspberry Pi as syslog server

I’ve been meaning for some time to add a Raspberry Pi to my lab environment as a syslog server and finally got around to it today.

I have a couple of Pis but when I went looking this morning I realized that I had a problem with the SD card on one which led to a small voyage of discovery.

To re-flash the SD card I chose the Raspbian Stretch Lite download, here.

And then re-flashed the card using balenaEtcher per instructions, here.

I operate the Pis in headless mode on a wired network and in order to get them to come up with SSH enabled I had to add an empty file ssh.txt to the boot partition on the SD card.

Once online I used a network scanner to find the dhcp served addressed and then set a static address by editing the configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

interface eth0

static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

More on the details of the syslog server itself in a future post.

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